If you've ever wanted to return to an MROP, here is your chance with the Initiator Program. This program is not a repetition of the MROP experience. It is designed to give an initiated man the opportunity to deepen his understanding of initiation while supporting the initiation of other men.

About The Program:

Initiated men continue to ask how they can participate in and support the initiation process. By design, the Men's Rites of Passage is run by a small team of 8­-10 men. Through the Initiator Program we provide an opportunity for men to return to the Men's Rites of Passage to both do their own personal work and support the men who are being initiated.

The Initiator Program will run parallel to the Men's Rites of Passage the same week of June 10 – 14, 2020. It gives initiated men the opportunity to hold the container for the entire MROP process. Following the tradition of the elders taking the young men to be initiated and holding the container, we are asking you to join us for the five days as we "keep the edges hot" in our role of supporting the MROP process. This will deepen your experience of what happened at your own MROP as we are present in each gathering in the Sacred Space for the rituals and teachings. You will also be led through a series of reflections, silence, and time in nature as we form the Sacred Circle of Prayer and Presence. Most of all, we will stand, shoulder to shoulder, giving our prayerful strength and support to the MROP team and the men being initiated. Come join us for a meaningful week of men transforming men through soul work!

This program is for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have been through and completed an Illuman MROP and are an initiated man

  • You have a keen desire to deepen your spiritual journey by revisiting the messages of your initiation

  • You want to be an active "initiator" – a man who invites and supports other men to become initiated into the Journey of Illumination

  • You understand that you are not being initiated again

  • You understand that you are not a member of the MROP leadership team

  • You can be present and be part of the container for the entire MROP event


  • Apply for the Initiator Program by submitting the registration form and an accompanying $50 deposit. When you are notified of your acceptance your deposit becomes non-refundable.

  • The Bear Trap Ranch Initiator Program registration deadline is May 20, 2020. If you register after this date we cannot guarantee acceptance.

  • Total cost for the Initiator program is $575 (meals, lodging, resources and materials). Register and pay in full by April 15 and receive an Early Bird Discount of $50. The deadline for the balance due for those who register after April 15 is May 24.

  • Cancellations: Those who cancel by April 30 will receive a 100% refund less the nonrefundable $50.00 deposit. Those cancelling after April 30 and before June 3 will receive a 50% refund less the nonrefundable $50,00 deposit; Those who cancel June 3 or later will not be eligible to receive a refund.

  • Registration begins Wednesday, June 10 at 1:00 PM and concludes at 3:00 PM

  • The Initiator Program begins - Wednesday, June 14, 2020 @4:00 PM

  • It is necessary to attend the entire Initiator event, from the opening on Wednesday through the final liturgy on Sunday. You may not come late or leave early except for absolute emergencies.

  • Upon acceptance, you will be sent information on the site, clothing and other items to bring and guidance on preparing yourself spiritually for the Initiator Program. You will also receive transportation and medical questionnaires to complete and return to us.

If you have questions about the Initiator Program e-mail or call our registration coordinator Mike Bennett at (505) 385-8598.

Ready to Register?

2020 Initiator Application

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